Lifestyle Banking Beginner’s Course

Lifestyle Banking Beginner's Course
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Course Description

Discover the philosophy and principles behind Infinite Banking and see real-life examples of how it works.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • In the Beginners Course, you will discover the philosophy and principles behind Infinite Banking and see real-life examples of how it works.

Course Content

Welcome to the Beginner’s Course

Lifestyle Banking is all about learning how to utilize Permanent Life Insurance in the most efficient ways possible. This course consists of 10 lessons that are designed to give you everything you need to know about the potential of this process, as well as presenting ideas for implementation.

You Finance Everything That You Buy

Most people have a desire to pay cash for as many things as possible, but then never stop to take a look at the financial impact of paying cash. When you pay cash, you lose all the interest you could have earned on that money! What if there was a better way to purchase things that actually made you a profit? In this lesson, you will learn how powerful it is to always have your money working for you.

The Biggest Problem Prohibiting Your Success

Debt can be extremely detrimental in your quest to becoming financially free. If you consider mortgages, car loans, student loans, and credit card debts, the average family is spending far more in interest to banks than they are saving for themselves! Building a system to recapture this interest can quickly put you on the road to financial success.

The Hidden Cost of Your Cash

It is very evident to most people that banks are making large profits from all the interest they are collecting from their borrowers. But have you ever thought of how much money they make on all our deposits? Your goal should be to become your own banker, and to accomplish this, we will need to develop a system where we can not only recapture the interest we are paying the banks but also the profits that they make on all of our deposits.

Why Participating Whole Life Insurance is the Best Tool to use to Become Your Own Banker

Of all the tools and products available in the financial world, why is Participating Whole Life Insurance the most efficient tool to use to become your own banker? Learn once and for all why Whole Life is the perfect match to establish your “banking” system!

How to Design Your Policy to Maximize Efficiency

This lesson discusses how to design a policy to maximize Cash Value. When opening up a Participating Whole Life Insurance policy with the goal of becoming your own banker, the focus should not be on the death benefit of the policy, but on how to get the most cash value into the policy that we can use today.

The 3 Rules of Banking

There are only 3 Rules that MUST be followed in order to be successful as a “banker.” Follow these 3 Rules and you are guaranteed to succeed!

The Power of Banking Part 1 – Financing Your Cars

If you were the banker, would it be possible to personally finance all of your cars and make a profit? Of course! And that’s exactly what is revealed in this lesson as we go over a case study of using a policy to finance cars for the rest of your life. It will be evident how much money banks are currently making from your deposits and loan repayments, and how you can transfer that lost wealth back into your own hands. Always keep in mind, if this process works for financing cars, do you think it will work financing other things in life like vacations, education, weddings, etc.? This is just the tip of the iceberg!

The Power of Banking Part 2 – Taking Over Your Mortgage

After seeing how profitable it can be to use a policy to finance your car purchases, you probably want to look at how much money can be made if you financed your entire mortgage through a policy! Mortgages are one of the most profitable investments at the bank, and this video we will discuss how to turn your mortgage into an asset, not a liability, and make the incredible profits that the bankers used to make off of you! We will cover a real life case study of an individual who used a policy to take over a mortgage, made the payments back to the policy that used to go to a bank, and walked away with over $800,000 in profits.

How to Use Your Policy to Make Investments

Many people mistakenly see a Participating Whole Life Policy as an investment and are focused on the “rate of return” of the policy. In reality, the Policy is simply the best tool to use when you desire to take control of the banking function as it relates to you. In this lesson, we will show you how to utilize your Policy to make other investments and improve the after-tax returns of every investment you make from now on.

How to Use Your Policy to Maximize Your Retirement

Conventional retirement planning is setting many Americans up for failure. The goal of most financial plans is to help you generate the largest nest egg, where the true goal should be to generate the highest amount of passive income to live on. In this lesson, you will learn why the policy is one of the best places to draw the highest amount of passive income during your golden years, and why the conventional retirement advice is built on faulty premises.

Your Next Step – Financial GPS

Now that you have completed the course, you are probably not interested in any more hypothetical examples and would like to learn how to implement Infinite Banking for yourself. We want to introduce you to the idea of a Financial GPS, our implementation tool that is available to our clients so that they always know what the next step is in their system. We recommend you schedule a free consultation with one of our coaches to continue learning about the system and how it can apply to you.